Why would an error message (error code: 0X80071AC3) pop up on the Windows system when I try to access data from DrivePro Body camera?

Category : Setup / Operation
On the Windows system, when your external storage (e.g. DrivePro Body) has not been properly removed during data transmission, which may result in abnormal recognition of the device, the system will display an error code "0X80071AC3".

You may refer to the following two solutions to restore your DrivePro Body:
1. Open “My Computer” → Right click on your DrivePro Body → Select "Properties" → Tool → Check Error → Run "Check now"

2. Please connect your DrivePro Body to the computer and run DrivePro Body Toolbox to perform the “Reset” or “Erase/Reset function”.
Path: DrivePro Body Toolbox → Tools → Format Disk → Format
(Note: Formatting will erase all data stored on the memory, so please make sure you have a backup first.)
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